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Shaded Mehndi Designs

Shaded mehndi style

Since ages Mehndi designs or henna designs are all time favorite especially in females. And as stated in our blog mehndi designs have evolved more as an artistic art form. Off course traditional designs are always liked and are popular. But at the same time new styles and patterns have also evolved since many years. We present here the new and latest styles of mehndi designs.

Easy Shaded mehndi designs for hands……..

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Shaded mehndi design is gaining much popularity among mehndi artist. Amateurs to experts- all like these designs and put under practice combining it with contemporary designs. Thus, this style can well be blended with Arabic mehndi or Indian mehndi or Pakistani. Double shaded mehndi designs looks gorgeous if combined with traditional one. Light and dark shade can be given with aspect to patterns and amount of henna used.

Full hands shaded mehndi designs……..

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Shading effect can be given through many popular techniques.

****Strokes is one of the technique to give shading effect. Strokes are given from top to bottom starting from thick borders. By changing the pressure on henna cone, thick and thin strokes can be achieved. Even giving rough strokes, shading effect can be achieved.

****moving henna cone in a twisting or spiraling pattern. This effect is known as swirling pattern and is used to fill up the gaps.


****putting dots in the designs. Thick and thin cluster of dots can be applied and shading effect can be given.

****scribbling along the thick borders with henna cone. Releasing the required pressure on henna cone, this technique can be mastered.

****Dabbing through henna with a cotton ball to create shadings. Two tone effect can be achieved by filling the background and by applying one of the above mentioned method one can have two dimensional effect. This method is time consuming and one needs more practice and patience to master it. We have explained this method through video on our Videos page.

Indian mehndi designs have thin and intrinsic patterns whiles Arabic mehndi designs have thick patterns. Pakistani mehndi designs are combinations of both patterns. Applying double shades to such patterns will definitely give striking look to designs. For example, if flower designs are applied then its border can be enhanced with thick lines and given shading effect.

Back hand shaded mehndi designs………

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Swirled designs give a magnificent impression. Detailing through shading can be given to mango designs or peacock designs which will turn this usual design into extraordinary one. Shading is done by adding several lines varying in thickness as well as filling up the gap between then. Quick and easy shading effect can be given in floral patterns where medium sized floral turns into small floral and then swirl is added to it. This pattern looks gorgeous even in mehndi tattoo.

Simple shaded mehendi designs…….

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Shading effect gives dazzling effect in Bridal mehndi designs. Shaded motifs with combination of paisley and floral designs make Bridal mehndi a unique one. Mostly borders are thickened to give dark shade and it adds depth to the designs. Interiors are filled with fine lines to give light shade.

Bridal mehandi designs……..

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Likewise this shading effect can also be applied for foot mehndi designs. As stated earlier it gives new and trendy look to the traditional designs.

foot mehandi designs with shading effect……..

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To have the variations, glitters, shimmers or crystals gives new dimensions to such designs. They are simple but give you a stylish look. Glitter design can be made less loud and look more elegant. Creates vibrant sparkle and will last all day. Do refer our blog of glitter mehndi designsfor more information.

Shaded mehndi designs with glitters,shimmers and crystals…..

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We have presented whole new collections of shaded mehndi designs in our mehndi design gallery. It ranges from bridal mehndi designs to full hands mehndi to foot designs and also the glittery shaded mehndi designs. The designs will appeal to all mehndi lovers- from beginners to expert artists. Browse through our video page which demonstrates as to how shading techniques are applied to different designs. Do subscribe to our youtube channel-Mehndi Designs and get more shaded mehndi designs. Share our Facebook page artistic mehndi designs and be updated with the latest mehndi designs on our Pinterst boards and Instagram. Go through our latest tweets on Twitter too. Always share our Google Plus designs posts.

Some more designs to add. Shaded colored mehndi designs also looks very gorgeous. The wonderful combination of colors used with henna designs gives a splendid look.

New shaded mehndi designs with colors…..