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Mughal style mehndi designs

Tradition blended with elegance is the only apt phrase for Mughal style mehndi patterns.

The words and the Mughal Era makes one nostalgic.Mughal empire, Mughal tradition, Mughal custom, Mughal culture, Mughal art, Mughal architecture, Mughal palaces, Mughal gardens, Mughal food, Mughal jewelry, Mughal costumes, Mughal decor all have its unique history & style. This style has delicacy, intricacy and craftsmanship. And that makes it class apart. We have represented one such aspect of royal Mughal Mughal style mehndi design. Mughal style mehndi is a characteristic of Indo-Islamic-Persian style that flourished on the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal empire. Did you know that the widely popular Mehendi designs used in Indian weddings arrived in India during the Mughal period in the 12th century AD?

This style has amazing artistry. Its minute details make it idiosyncratic. Mughal style mehndi gives dimension to the concept of creativity and design. These designs tend to keep a part of the hand and the palm exposed, giving it a novel and unique look different from the traditional designs. These designs if blended with traditional designs gives a trendy and classy look.

Mughal style mehendi designs for palms……

Like other Mughal art – Mughal style mehndi designs are as ethereal and majestic as everything else from that time. They add a touch of royalty and charm that is unmatched. Here a small section of the palm is kept blank. The designs used here are quite small and detailed; paisley and floral motifs are used to decorate the hand. The fingers are decorated with fine detailed work. The design stretches till the wrist. These designs are stylish and can really add to your elegance and beauty.

The fingers and side of the palm are decorated with designs while the other parts are left bare. The design uses traditional motifs but in a different shape to give it a new style.

Mughal mehendi designs are timeless classics which resemble the rich art and culture of the mughals. The surge of artistic designs fused with modern ideas has changed the perception of mehndi designs completely. The craftsmanship required to draw the curved, motif-laden lines of a mehndi design is reflected in today’s huge, talented henna designers.The focus of this pattern is the split, checkered design – similar to a tapestry, but the petals and paisleys on the fingers and wrist are pretty eye-catching too. It’s easy to get lost in the layers of detail in this henna design. The fingers are filled, but the designs do not clutter. The palm has been decorated with a single floral design.Very neat and detailed mughal style mehndi has a distinctive style where every single curl and dot is accentuated boldly. It contains floral and geometric designs which are spread over the hands with some open spaces. Normally they extend from the tips of the finger t o wrist in a slanting pattern comprising of flowers leaves and petal filled with intrinsic lines and dots.

From classic to unusual, lets take a look at the best Mughal mehandi styles………

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Feet designs also share a good camaraderie when integrated with full hands designs. The motifs are traditional with paisley and floral motifs being used in various formats and sizes. The fingers have been decorated with small intricate designs. This design for feet is extremely beautiful and will surely add a regal and rich charm to your overall look.