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henna tattoo

Henna tattoo-tattoo designs-glitter mehndi

Henna tattoo

Traditional mehndi designs have its own unique importance and value in rituals and customs. But with the passage of time it is counted more as a fashion accessory and has developed in an art form. And like in other art form , mehndi art forms has also come up with new variance within a period of time. Here we present the most popular well known variety of Henna tattoo. It is more of fusion of mehndi art and tattoo. These are timeless trends in fashion beauty.  Mehndi designs are enhanced with glitters and are termed as henna tattoo. Glittery sparkle adds to its charm.

Glitter back hand Mehndi designs

These henna tattoos look more attractive on back hands starting from forearms and extending up to fingers.

Glittering in mehndi is done in two ways. Applying liquid glitter or by just sprinkling dry glitter powder on henna design.

They are simple but give you a stylish look. Glitter design can be made less loud and look more elegant. Creates vibrant sparkle and will last all day. Even henna colour on next day should look stunning. Follow our tips displayed on blog Dark colour of henna . Fabulous images are presented in our tattoo gallery for palms. Also very appealing mehndi designs are displayed of foot designs.

Glitter bridal mehndi designs

Detailed method is explained in this article with the do’s and don’ts tips. Dofollow these precautions and have a magnificent henna tattoo which presents you as a Showstopper of the function.

* Clean the area of the skin on which to apply tattoo with a mild cosmetic cleanser. see to it that no oil stains or dirt is left and is completely dry.

* apply artistic henna design. Embellish this design with glitter gel. Apply this glitter with a cone or spray bottle or a poof bottles. Apply glitter in such a way that it details to henna and gives sparkle and shine as well. Intricacies and detailing makes it marvellous. Maintain a space between henna paste and glitter gel because applying moist wet gel can cause still wet henna spoil the design.

* Neon or fluorescent coloured glitters looks attractive. multi coloured glitter gels can also be used. Match the colour of gel according to colour of bangles and the outfit colour.

* allow it to dry. Glitter gel designs will last all day.

* use only cosmetic grade gel which is easily available in markets. Never use craft gels. As, such gel gives reactions on skin resulting in skin rashes and blisters.

* combining stones, beads with glitter and henna looks amazing.

* Glitter mehndi is not water proof. It will get washed as soon as you wash it.

Glitter mehndi makes perfect adornments along with western outfits too. For occasions other than traditional ones. Variety of glitter mehndi images are displayed here. It includes bridal mehndi designs, party mehandi photos, casual occasions or any other traditional ritual. White mehndi designs are also very popular. We will soon come up with an article for white mehndi designs also.  Browse through our mehndi designs video section. Many interesting glitter mehndi videos, glitter henna tattoos videos are presented. To be updated with unique and trendy designs, have a look and like our Facebook page. New pins always pinned on Pinterest board. And upgrade yourself with our latest Instagram posts.


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